What is clickfunding?

What is Clickfunding? Clickfunding is your social media usage with a twist!

Clickfunding is a model that will revolutionize the way you click. We have been led to believe that helping equals money or labor. We have come with the Clickfunding to erase this belief. Today, in a world that lives off social media consumption we found a way to make the most of the audience’s appetite of social media outlets and contribute in making better societies. Clickfunding connects positive initiatives, projects, and causes with sponsors whom are willing to fulfill them in exchange of web visibility, and that is how our beloved web users contribute. By giving the sponsor the visibility the needs through their web interactions (views, likes, shares, comments, and tweets). It is as simple as it sounds.


How do Clickfunding do its magic?

  • After identifying the project, cause, or initiative and its campaign’s objectives. We seek affiliate brands whom are willing to sponsor the cause for a reasonable number of points.
  • These points illustrate the viewership and engagement rates of the campaign. Let us say the sponsor is willing to give out LE 1,000,000 for 1,000,000 points. Sounds fair, right?
  • The sponsor is obligated to fulfill the selected cause only after the targeted points are reached.
  • We then proceed by launching the campaign on our website and social media outlets.

What are the campaign’s elements?

  • The main feature in any campaign is the video we produce to promote the cause.
  • The campaign’s video has the sponsor’s logo at the very end. The videos are always concise and user-friendly to appeal for our audience.
  • We also produce photos, articles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our campaigns always urge people to interact more so we can fulfill the causes faster!

How do I follow up?

Clickfunding has its own set of technological and game-full tools!

  • Each campaign has its own progress bar that calculates the interactions made on the campaign’s video and posts.
  • When the bar reaches 100%, the sponsor fulfills the cause.
  • Our campaigns have deadlines that the targets needs to be reached beforehand.
  • After the success of each campaign, we publish proof of its fulfillment. We call them the success stories, and they are!