Our Story


Bassita is an Egyptian startup that has been operating since 2014. We are the innovators of the multi-awarded model the Clickfunding. We specialize in social media campaigning, cause marketing, brand identity, marketing solutions, and video production. We are firm believers that clicks have powers.


What is Clickfunding?


Clickfunding is an Egyptian innovation that allows web users to contribute into projects with their web and social media engagement. It does not get any simpler than this; just by clicking, watching, and interacting on videos we produce to promote for projects or causes, web users can create concrete impact. It is game of matching projects and causes to sponsors, whom are willing to provide monetary assistance, in exchange to web visibility and then connecting the cause with social media enthusiasts.


We simplify the game as much as we can in order to reach a win-win situation with a simple touch of the users’ fingertips. Clickfunding is the fastest and easiest method to fundraise – through a single click! It offers web users the chance to contribute in social, environmental, or cultural causes, by watching and interacting on short videos or posts supporting these causes. Therefore, basically, it is your daily web routine, with a twist. Bassita lives up to its name; simple, and direct clicks to become effective methods to improve our societies.Clickfunding allows web users and sponsors join forces to satisfy community needs and improve social solidarity.


You click, we fund. Awesome, right? This multi-rewarded model fills the youth’s appetite for social media, through short videos, visual teasers and informative articles. Each online campaign driven by Bassita stresses on the importance of social engagement.



Our Vision


Social media for social good.

Our mission


We aspire to improve societies all over the world by contributing for a better future through a unique model. Clickfunding allows diverse parts of communities to work together to achieve something whole and concrete. Web users, positive initiatives and sponsors align for social good.




Alban de Ménonville

General Manager, Co-Founder

“We are magicians: out of clicks we can create anything!”

Salem Massalha

Business Development Manager, Co-Founder.

“No matter where or what, we can create impact everywhere.”

Marwan Hatem

Art Director, Co-Founder.

“No matter where or what, we can create impact everywhere.”

Mohamed Magdy

Senior Filmmaker, Designer

“Click, share, help.”

Hanaa Farouk

Cause Manager

“The initiatives we have supported were amazed by the efficiency of our model.”

Shehab el-Dien

Senior Designer, Video Editor.

“When people like my designs they create something concrete.”

Kate Siess

Program Officer.

“It’s only the beginning of a huge shift.”

Menna Ayman

Community Manager.

‘’Helping others has never been easier.’’