Sponsor a Cause

A unique way to promote positive initiatives!


The Clickfunding is a new way to contribute to a better world. It allows brands and positive initiatives to partner with web users to help building better societies. 


Clickfunding garantees



Huge web visibility to the projects and causes you support


Sponsors choose the targeted number of points to fulfill a positive initiative they support. Web users share the campaign and the sposnor pays to create the impact.

Establishing a trust-worthy relationship with your target audience and customers.


Let your customers know what positive initiative you support and show that real impact has been created

Direct targeting to your customers, potential audience and supported causes.


Bassita can target specific groups and geographical areas. We select positive initiatives according to the sponsor's domain of activities




Cost-effective marketing: Sponsors pay for visually appealing online campaigns instead of regular paid web promotion


With Clickfunding, giving a click means contributing to an impact. Web users contribute actively to provide visibility to the campaign: you pay for the impact, not for online promotion!

Sponsors fulfill the projects only when the desired points are reached


If the campaign is not popular you don't have to fulfill the cause. Only successful campaigns lead to an impact

Communicating, testing, and receiving feedback on projects you support


Our website allows to track any interaction with the campaigns. You can know who liked, shared or commented on any element of the campaign because each click is important




Clickfunding engages users easily with web-friendly videos and game-full visuals on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Sponsors can empower their community, revitalize their CSR activities, and approach the youth – all at once.


For more info about the causes we support, please contact us at: menna@bassita.org




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